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Johnny Reid sounds like Russell Watson

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Q: Who does the country singer Johnny Reid sound like?
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Which country music singer is it that sings Thank You?

Johnny Reid

What nationality is johnny reid country singer?

He came from Scotland.

Where does johnny reid live?

Johnny Reid is a professional country singer from Canada. As of August 2014, he lives in Nashville, TN with his family.

What is Johnny Reid most known for?

The first thing one needs to make sure of is that they are looking up Johnny Reid and not the race care driver Jonny Reid from New Zealand. Once that is done they will find out that Johnny Reid is a well know singer.

Did a male singer record the song Darlin before Johnny Reid?

Yes, it was done in 1978 by a country male singer named Frankie Miller. It was also a big hit for Tom Jones in 1981.

What country singer played in the nfl?

Mike Reid played for the Bengals

Who is your favorite country singer?

My favorite Country singer would have to be Taylor Swift but my favorite Country song tho is I Told You So by Randy Travis but sung by Carrie Underwood. My favorite country singerS: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Johnny Reid, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts

What are Johnny Reid's parents names?

Johnny Reid's parents' names are Brian Slater and Marie Reid.

Can you tell you who sings a new song called darling in country music?

johnny reid

What is johnny reid the country singers email address or fanmail address?>Email and IM

When did Johnny Reid - footballer - die?

Johnny Reid - footballer - died on 1980-02-28.

When was Johnny Reid - footballer - born?

Johnny Reid - footballer - was born on 1896-09-13.