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his family, i guess? he lives in Clark, NJ. (a town next to me!! :D)

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Q: Who does computernerd01 live with now?
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Does Computernerd01 have a sister?


Is the computernerd01 Jewish?

Probably he is a christian

What is the computernerd01 number?

650 440 1774

What is the computernerd01 real name?

Its Josh something

How old is computernerd01?

He is NINETEEN(19) his birthday is in August

What is the computernerd01's name?

Josh Chomik

What is the computernerd01 play list called?

On YouTube it is called Songs

What is the computernerd01 phone number?

His number is 650-440-1774 Your Welcome :D

What is computernerd01's last name?

Chomik. His real name is Joshua Chomik.

Does the computernerd01 have a girlfriend?

actually, thecomputernerd01 is single. he confirmed it in one off his vids.

What are the funniest parodies?

well jalepeno by computernerd01 on youtube is funny he does alot of funny parodies

When is the computernerd01's birthday?

His birthday is August 24th, acording to his video "My Grandpa Loves FRED".