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Q: Who does Fergie live with now?
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Where does princess Fergie live?

Nowhere. There is no Princess Fergie.

Is fergie in a relationship?

Fergie is now engaged to Josh Duhamel.

Is Fergie and Justin Timberlake dating?

They used to,but Fergie is now married to Josh Duffhamel

How old is Fergie in real life?

Fergie is 35 in rigt now on 7th January 2009

Where does Fergie live?

Fergie and Josh Duhamel lives in 1310 N. Kenter Ave. Brentwood, CA 90049

How old is Fergie wright now?

The famous Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas is currently 41 years old.

Is fergie's hair blonde or brown?

Right now Fergie's hair is brown. I'm not sure if it ever was blonde

What country does Fergie live in?

Fergie lives in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (U.S.A.) P.S. She lives in Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

What state does Fergie live in?

somewhere in California with her hubsand Josh Duhmal

Is Fergie in the band black eyed peas?

Yeah before.. but she went solo now. So who ever said no that Fergie wasn't in the band Black Eyed Peas is wrong.

Is Fergie dead?

No Fergie is not DEAD

I don't believe Fergie from the black eyed peas is 33 does anyone know her real age?

Fergie is really born on 27th march 1975 and right now she is 34 years old!!