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She choose Zephel, if you have watched Beloved Angel Angelique - Radiant Tomorrow - Episode 13, you could see that Ange in the end when she was thinking about herself she thought about Zephel, and that shadow of a hand, when she reach him, you could see that there weren't any sleeves, there were only 5 of guys with no sleeves: 1) Zephel 2) Timka 3) Olivie 4) Heuye 5) Randy. Timka, he is not in love with her, Olivie, same goes for him, Heuye isn't neither in love with her, Randy sees her as a friend, so no, and in the end there is Zephel, he confessed her, and she loves him too.

Go go go go go Ange and Zephel!

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Q: Who does Ange choose in Beloved Angel Angelique series?
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