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Amelia was played by Caitlin Blackwood, Amy (grown up Amelia) is played by Karen Gillan.

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Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond is a fictional character portrayed by Karen Gillan in Dr Who.

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Karen Gillan does Amy Pond in Doctor Who, trust me, im a doctor who nerd! ;-)

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Q: Who does Amy Pond from Doctor Who?
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Is the girl on the front cover of Dead Beautiful the person who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who?

No, it is not the girl who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who - it just looks like her.

Is Amy Pond the next Sara Jane?

Just like Sarah Jane, Amy Pond is the Doctor's companion for several episodes, so I would say yes.

Who was the actor who played Amy Pond in this series of doctor who?

Karen Gillan i love her hair it is class

What is the name of the character by Karen Gillian in doctor who?

It's "Karen Gillan". She plays the role of Amy (Amelia) Pond.

Is something wrong with Amy Pond in the Victory of the Daleks?

(Contains spoilers for the episode Victory of the Daleks) Amy Pond can't recall anything about the Daleks who had invaded Earth (Sol:3) so the Doctor thinks there is something wrong with her by not remembering anything which had such an impact on her life. If you look at the end of the episode there is the crack in the wall which is following Amy so the crack in her wall will definitely be coming back in an episode soon which is when you can get the definite answer to your question but until all of the episodes have been shown nobody (unless they have read spoilers) can answer this honestly. If the question was meant that the character seemed a bit off in the episode, rather than that it had to do with actual plot, it has a simple explanation. The story Victory of the Daleks were originally written for the characters of the Tenth Doctor and companion Donna Noble. It was never used for them and instead pulled out and used for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. So if Amy Pond appears to be more abrasive and such, this is why.