Who distroyed Perkins Palace Theatre in Pasadena?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gene and Marilyn Buchanan of AJB Enterprises.

Yes these two people worked over a decade to insure they would fight the Pasadena community and do everything in there money-filled power to distory the historic Raymond Theatre, also known as Perkins Palace. The turned down all huge money offers made to sell the theater, they paid off the Pasadena City Council to get the project passed. This will go down in Pasadena history as one of the most tragic losses to the community.

Any fool who rents or buys a condo in this building should realize who they are giving their money too. Realize how a community came together and worked for decades to protect this landmark and these people one day just drove a bulldozer through this theater with smiles on their faces.

What was lost was a rare example of a beau-arts historic theater, design by Henry Jensen, one of LA's first theater developers and operators. He also built Jensen's Recreation Center, The Melrose Theatre, The Egyptian Arcade, The Glendale Theater and many more important LA buildings. This theater also hosted some of the biggest rock concerts in it's day.


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Q: Who distroyed Perkins Palace Theatre in Pasadena?
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