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bobby banhart on a shot at love with tila tequila and kristy on a shot at love with tila tequila 2 but kristy didnt accept the key

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Q: Who did tila tiquela end up with?
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Why tila tequila and bobby broke up?

because bobby chited tila

When did A Shot at Love II with Tila Tequila end?

A Shot at Love II with Tila Tequila ended on 2008-07-08.

Is Tila Tequila her real name?

No, Tila's real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen. She came up with her stage name "Tila Tequila" because of an incident from alcohol.

What nicknames does Tila Tequila go by?

Tila Tequila goes by Tila Tequila, and Miss Tila.

Where did tila tequila grow up?

Houston, TX.

Since tila and bobby broke up who is she dating now?

she is getting a second installment of a shot at love with tila tequila on MTV

Who wins a shot at love with tila tequila 2?

answer from user: kristy wins but does not except the key to tila's heart... stay tuned for next weeks (July 8) episode....Bo,Kristy, and Tila all meet up again ever since the last episode.... Tila gets tangled up in her love life (which happens to be terrible) Tila was heart broken but will she take that chance again?

Is Tila Tequila a man?

No Tila is a female.

Is tila tequila still going out with bobby?

No, Bobby broke up with her.

Who is the Winner tila tequila?

Tila chose Bobby

Is tila tequila short?

Tila Tequila is 4'11.

Is tila tequila dead?

No, Tila is still alive.