Who did the voices in winx?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cathy Weseluck (Techna),Liza Jacqueline (Bloom),Kerry Williams (Flora), Amy Birnbaum (Stella),lisa ortiz (musa/icy),christina rodriguez(isha/layla),Caren Manuel (Darcy),Sebastian Arcelus (Palladium),Michael Sinterniklaas(riven)Frank Frankson(Prince Sky),Dan Green (Brandon),Pete Zarustica (Timmy),Suzy Myers (Stormy)

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Q: Who did the voices in winx?
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What is better the American winx club or the English winx club?

I much prefer the English Winx Club series as their voices suit them much more than the american series but the English Winx Club voices have not been used in season 4 or 5 and have just been made for seasons 1,2 and 3 so I'd watch the american Winx Club to get used to their voices for seasons 4 and 5. Hope this helped! =-)

Who plays tecna in winx club?

Morgan Decker voices Tecna.

Who does Ariana Grande play in The Winx Club?

Princess Diaspro :]She voices Princess Diaspro in the Animated TV series "Winx Club" on NickelodeonPrincess Diaspro, I believe that Princess Diaspro is not in THEE winx club though ( As in Bloom and her friends Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Layla/Aisha ) :] therefore she is not a winx club girl haha.Princess Diaspro.Yes, but only in Nickelodeon's version of winx. (The one that's on right now)

In Australia is WinX Club in 4kids version or Rai English?

We have it in 4kids version, i personally like the voices better but they do change a bit of the script :(

What is the best winx club site?

Go in "Google" and search "winx club", click on winx club offical siteGo in "Google" and search "winx club", click on winx club offical site

What is the spell to become a winx fairy?

To become a Winx Fairy? Well, all you gotta do is believe in them and surround yourself with Winx things. Before you know it, you'll be a Winx Fairy! I tried surrounding myself in Winx thoughts and watching some Winx episodes, and not to mention believing in them, and trust me, every night, I was dreaming that I was part of the Winx!

Who is winx tecna?

winx tecna is the fairy of tecnolyge

Do the winx club really have daughters?

The Winx do not have daughters.

Is teena a witch or a Winx fairy?

It is a winx fairy.

Do they have winx club in Poland?

You have Winx Club in Poland.

What are the Winx's transformation called?

The Winx Transformations are called:WinxCharmixEnchantixBelievixSophixLovixHarmonixSirenix

Why is winx club cool?

winx club is lame