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Jeremy Irons

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Q: Who did the voice acting for Scar?
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Who was the person who played the voice of scar in the lion king?

In the sequel, Jim Cummings did Scar's voice in Simba's nightmare scene. Jeremy Irons, the original voice for Scar, was either too busy on another film or was simply not asked to reprise his role.

Is Scar's voice different in the Lion King Special Edition?

Scar's voice is not different on The Lion King Platinum Edition releases.

What is the duration of Adventures in Voice Acting?

The duration of Adventures in Voice Acting is 1.5 hours.

In Lion King who is scar?

Scar is the villain of the Lion King. Scar is the evil lion who killed Mufasa. Scar wants to be king.

When was Adventures in Voice Acting created?

Adventures in Voice Acting was created on 2008-07-08.

Is voice acting a job or a career?

It can be either, or both. Voice acting as a job is seen as one role. Voice acting as a career is making a living getting different roles all the time.

Did John Candy do any voice acting or just live action roles?

In addition to live acting roles, John Candy did voice acting. He was the voice of a talking horse in the 1988 Bobcat Goldthwait comedy, Hot to Trot.

Do standard acting classes help with voice over jobs?

Yes acting classes with help with voice over jobs. Acting classes teach you how to vocalize as well as act. They teach you how to control tones and pitches of your voice which can help you.

What are the ratings and certificates for Adventures in Voice Acting - 2008 V?

Adventures in Voice Acting - 2008 V is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

Is voice acting can be fun?

Yes!! Voice acting is a great activity, whether for serious work or just for fun. It takes a lot of work to be a voice actor, but in the end, it's worth it!!

Who did the voice acting for NYC subway announcements?

That would be voice actor Charlie Pellett! :)

Who makes scars voice in the Japanese version of The Lion King?

Haruhiko Jō was the voice actor for Scar in the Japanese version of The Lion King.