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in the year 2525 - zaeger & evans

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Q: Who did the song In The Year 2000?
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What song was the number 1 hit in the year 2000?

"Breathe" by Faith Hill was the number 1 hit song for the year 2000.

When did the song fish heads come out?

It was released in the year 2000

What year did Eminem release the song The Way I am?

The year that Eminem released the song "Way I am" was the year 2000 when his album Marshall Mathers LP came out

What year did the song Yellow come out be Coldplay?

Yellow came out on the Yellow EP in the year 2000.

What year did Selena Gomez make her first song?

she made it when she was 8 in 2000

What year did Eminem come out with the song The Real Slim Shady?

The song "The Real Slim Shady" is Eminem's first number one song in the United Kingdom charts and was released in year 2000 and was the 11th best selling song that year.

Who wrote the hamster dance song?

The Hamster Dance song was released in the year 2000. The writers of the song were Roger Miller, A. Grace, and R. DeBoer.

What year did eminem release the real slim shady song?

May 16, 2000

What is the name of this rockabilly song with the lyrics the year 2000?

Isn't it by the Jonas brothers? is that the one you mean?

When did the song Kim come out by Eminem?

2000 i don't know the spesific date but i know that's the year

What year did the Backstreet Boys did The Answer to Our Life?

"The Answer to Our Life" was a song from the album "Black & Blue" It was released in November 2000.

when was the song 'Between' by The Lions released?

The song Between by The Lions was released in the year 2000. Overall the song achieved a great level of success, with widespread critical acclaim and great popularity.

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