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In 1956 she married Clifton Daniel.The couple had four sons and no daughters.In 2000 her husband died.

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Q: Who did Margaret Truman marry?
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What is the birth name of Margaret Truman?

Margaret Truman's birth name is Mary Margaret Truman.

Mary Margaret Truman buried at the Truman library?

Margaret Truman was cremated and her ashes were interred in. the Truman Library burial plot.

When was Margaret Truman born?

Margaret Truman was born on February 17, 1924.

What is Margaret Truman's birthday?

Margaret Truman was born on February 17, 1924.

What was Truman's daughter's name?

Margaret Truman

What is Harry Truman son name?

Margaret Truman

How old was Margaret Truman at death?

Margaret Truman died on January 29, 2008 at the age of 83.

Did Harry S. Truman have kids and what were there names?

Mary Margaret Truman.

What is Harry Truman's daughter'sname?


When was Mary Margaret Truman born?

Mary Margaret Truman was born February 17, 1924 in Independence, Missouri.(1924-02-17)in

President Truman have any children?

President Harry S. Truman's only child was his daughter, Margaret, who was born Mary Margaret Truman February 17, 1924. She was named "Mary" after Truman's sister, Mary Jane Truman, and "Margaret" after her maternal grandmother, Margaret (Madge) Gates Wallace. Throughout her life she was known as "Margaret" or, to her father, "Margie." She married Clifton Daniel, a newspaperman for the New York Times, and went on to have a substantial writing career of her own. She died January 29, 2008.

Did Harry S. Truman have a family?

Yes his wife Bess Wallace Truman and daughter Mary Margaret.