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Cinna was Katniss's stylist in the book and the movie.

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Q: Who did Katniss Everdeen's wardrobe in the Hunger Games book?
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What is katness everdeens?

Katniss Everdeens is the main charchter in the book trilogy The Hunger Games

Who are the last everdeens the hunger games?

Katniss and her mom are the only living everdeen

What is the plot structure of The Hunger Games movie?

Everything is told throught Katniss Everdeens (the main characters) eyes. As it happens. Very simple. :)

What are Katniss' thoughts in The Hunger Games?

Katniss thinks a lot in the Hunger Games. When?

What page is where Katniss tells why there are Hunger Games?

Katniss tells why there is a hunger games on page 18.

What did Gale wear in the Hunger Games?

Gale was not in the Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta where.

Does Katniss ever die in The Hunger Games trilogy?

No, Katniss doesn't die in The Hunger Games series.

Who is Katniss in the movie Brave?

Katniss is from Hunger Games

Who is the narrator in the Hunger games?

Katniss is telling the story in first person

What does Katniss say about her father in The Hunger Games?

who are the characters of the hunger games

Who is the winner of the Hunger Games?

The winner of the Hunger Games is Peeta and Katniss

Did hawkeye defeats katniss in the hunger games?

There is no Hawkeye in the Hunger Games.