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Claire didn't marry anyone but she was engaged to peter and Alex was going to propose but Claire died before he could.

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Q: Who did Claire marry on mcleods daughters?
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What happened to Jodi and Alfonso on mcleods daughters?

season three

Who played Rachael Carpani in McLeods Daughters?

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How did tess die on mcleods daughters?

Tess mcleods did not die in mcleods daughters she just went over to live in Argentina with her husband nick ,since nick what offered his dream job. You might have meant to ask how did Claire mcleod die on mcleods daughter? well she died in a car accident just after tess was free of breast cancer and this happen after tess and Claire were coming back from their local town from getting some party food to celebrate their good news.Claire was driving the car until she swerved for a white horse that tess and her had been seeing since the morning that tess has said meant death in china. anyway after she had swerved Claire had ran into a cliff but luckely stopped about when the car was half off the cliff.So Claire told tess to get out of the car and get claires daughter charlotte out of the back seat , when she was doing that he car started to move and eventually the car had fell down the cliff with Claire alone and dead.everyone was devestated exspecially alex who was preparing to pop the question to the wonderful Claire.

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Mcleods Daughters :)

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no because riley wil die in a exedent

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no,sandra set stevie up

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hey bridie can you do me a favour and go back on mcleods daughters please because you are my favourite character and you made alot of sense and it wil be great if you did because mcleods daughters is getting really strange because jacks daughters ain't there to support his home

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Soon will start the new and last season of Mcleods Daughters - season 8 so it will probably end near December The nine network will be airing Mcleods Daughters in the Christmas holidays.

Does jodi get pregnant in mcleods daughters?

yes with matt but you dont find this out until the last episode