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Q: Who did Alexandra Vandernoot play on the TV show 'Highlander'?
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Who did Philip Akin play on the TV show 'Highlander'?

Charlie DeSalvo

Who did Stan Kirsch play on the TV show 'Highlander'?

Richie Ryan

What character did Adrian Paul play as in TV show Highlander?

He was Duncan MacLeod

How are Tiffani Thiessen and Alexandra Daddario related?

They are not related to each other. However, Alexandra and Tiffani both were in in the show White Collar. Tiffani is one of the main characters on the show and Alexandra was only in season 1. They just look alike.

When did the TV show 'Highlander' first premiere on television?

October 3, 1992

Who played Methos on the TV show 'Highlander'?

Methos was played by Peter Wingfield .

What actor played the character Charlie DeSalvo on the TV show 'Highlander'?

Philip Akin

Which reality show did Alexandra Burke find fame on?

The X Factor.

In Law Order how did Alexandra Borgia leave the show?

ADA Alexandra Borgia is murdered in 'Invaders', Season 16, Episode 22 (2006).

Which tv show was based on a film robocop Star Wars or highlander?

All answers are correct.

Which TV show was based on a film star wars highlander robocop?

all answers are correct.

What were the last airdates for the TV show 'Highlander'?

"To Be"- May 8, 1998 "Not To Be"- May 15, 1998