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The phrase 'fifteen minutes of fame' is derived from Andy Warhol's prediction that "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes", a statement he reiterated on numerous occasions, whilst distancing himself from the hype associated with it.

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Q: Who created the phrase fifteen minutes of fame?
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Who created the phrase 15 minutes of fame?

Andy Warhol

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if you mean 15 minutes of fame. Andy Warhol a pop artist

Is fifteen minutes of fame a idiom?

No because it means exactly what it seems to mean. It is a cliche expression used by a famous American - "Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame."

Who quoted 'Give you fifteen minutes of fame'?

For a discussion of the expression, its origin, forms, and various interpretations, see and

Who was the Pop Art painter who coined the phrase 15 minutes of fame?

Andy Warhol

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What does the phrase 'I shall dance my nine days' Morris''?

It refers to the "Nine Days' Wonder" when Will Kemp, the chief pratfall artist in Shakespeare's company, danced a "morris" dance from London to Norwich. A Nine Days' Wonder ( the Mediaeval form of today's Fifteen Minutes of Fame ) had people amazed for three days, had them talking for another three, but after three more days it was forgotten.