Who created Vampirella?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jim Warren and Tom Sutton (the actual artist for Vampirella #1, not Frazetta) had several meetings about a character to develop for a 3rd comic title under Warren Publications. Model Angelique Trouvere was also said to have been present during these meetings. (Per her own account)

Tom Sutton did some rough sketches of what the character should look like during those meetings.

The article is incorrect in describing Frazetta as the original artist for Vampirella #1

Frazetta was only used as a "fill-in" artist to do the cover art as originally Tom Sutton was going to do the cover.

So, to specifically answer the question it was a joint effort between Tom Sutton and Jim Warren with possible input by Angelique as to who created Vampirella.

That statement was quoted from Wiki Answers and I just happen to know Miss Trouvere so I felt obliged to let her in on this. News flash for you ! I E-Mailed my friend Miss Angelique Trouvere about this statement, which was copied from Wiki Answers, and I received this correction to which she said:

"Hi Craig,

Oh man! Is this Wiki ever wrong! Whoever submitted this did not read my interview carefully.

Here's what I know and believe true:

Frazetta was the cover artist for Vampi #1.

I was not present at any meetings with Warren in regard to any pre-production of Vampi.

My involvement was only through Bill DuBay & Gerry Boudreau after I wore my Vampi at the 1973 ComiCon

and they were preparing an article about the con for the Nov. issue.

Vampirella was the brainchild of Forry Ackerman!

He came up with her origin and her look for the most part. Warren insisted that she have black hair (Forry had her as a blonde) and bangs

and the boots. The costume itself was designed by comic artist Trina Robbins."

Craig, can you please submit this info to Wiki?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


There you have it, from the lady herself !

Craig H.

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Q: Who created Vampirella?
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