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I don't think Christian did it. I think edge will win at the royal rumble and face christian at wrestlemania. i think Jeff hardy will have his own storyline with Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy has to do it because ratings with him have been really bad so there trying to make him a heel. Matt Hardy is losing to Swagger and then is going to take it out on hardy and cost him the title. then there gonna have a great rivarly with them

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Q: Who attacked Jeff Hardy before Survivor Series?
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When Is Christian returning to WWE?

from what I hear he will be coming back at royal rumble and sign with smackdown and he will be revealed as the man who attacked Jeff hardy before survivor series to set a fake edge & christian reunion he will then turn on edge and face Jeff hardy for the wwe title at wrestlemania i can't wait

Is Jeff hardy going to lose his title to edge?

Yes. At the Royal Rumble, Christian will return to WWE costing Hardy his title. He will also be revealed as the one who attacked Jeff the night of Survivor Series, tried to kill him and his girlfriend Beth in the Hit and Run, and the one who was behind the pyro accident on SmackDown.

Who did Jeff hardys firework accident?

it was edge before calling him to the ring he set up the fireworks where he would be standing so it would hit him and Jeff hardy would have to drop out the match Edit - Storyline wise, it was Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy was the one who attacked Jeff Hardy all three times - before Survivor Series, thus making Jeff Hardy not show up for his WWE Championship match, the "hit and run" accident and the pyro/firework accident. Now in real life, it was obviously the trained professionals who set up the angle for Jeff Hardy, who sold the injury good enough.

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Jeff hardy

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