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Brandon Boyd from incubus Yes it is Brandon.. but its not two guys just a side by side of ONE very special and beautiful man. :)

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Q: Who are the two guys singing Allison in the new Gap commercial?
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What is the name of the African-American in the Gap commercial who sings and plays the piano?

The newest Gap commercials have Common singing. Not sure if he plays a piano....I only saw it once.

Who sings the song in the Laura prepon gap commercial?

That's Ann Wilson of the band Heart (sister Nancy can be heard singing harmony near the end). That's not part of a song otherwise published or available anywhere so the assumption is that it was recorded specifically for the commercial.

Who sings the song 'Peace Love and Gap' in the newest Gap commercial?

The artist Common sings the Peace, Love and Gap song in the Gap commercial.

Is sex painful after a gap?

Is a a bird singing a beautiful sound

Who is the brown-haired white girl in the GAP commercial with the song Summer Breeze?

Jessica Miller was in a GAP commercial with the Summer Breeze song.

What are the release dates for City Guys - 1997 The Communication Gap 1-6?

City Guys - 1997 The Communication Gap 1-6 was released on: USA: 11 October 1997

Who does the version of sleigh ride in the gap commercial?

Leroy Anderson

What is the song on the GAP commercial advertising men's pants?

Dhani Harrison did the song 'Back To Blue' for a GAP men's pants commercial. The song 'Back To Blue' was originally recorded by The Beatles.

What different betwen generation of gap?

GAP is the clothes brand and actually the guys that started the business were gay so gap stands for Gay And Proud I know right

What Madonna song was part of the 1999 gap commercial?

Dress You Up

What singing group did charlie Wilson sing with?

charlie wilson sang with adele and your mama

What is the name of the song heard in the most recent Gap commercial that sounds like the Donnas?

I e-mailed Gap and they said it's "Do Ya " by the Peaches.