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They are not twins

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Q: Who are the twins in the hillshire farm sausage commercial?
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What does Hillshire Farm make?

Hillshire Farm makes smoked sausage

Can hillshire farm summer sausage be frozen?

can any smoked sausage be frozen and for how long?

When was Hillshire Farm created?

Hillshire Farm was created in 1934.

What company owns the brand 'Hillshire Farm'?

The company that owns the brand Hillshire Farm is called Sara Lee. Sara Lee owns many different food company names. Hillshire Farm is one of the meat brands.

What are the Hillshire Farms commercial lyrics?

The office commercial goes like this: That salad rocks, the best You make it easy at your desk. It's second to none, just add lettuce and your done. That's crazy girl I swear, There is so much stuff in there s-s-s-salad (what?) m-meaty salad (why?) Because you hungry you hungry Yo momma says you hungry. When say Hillshire you say Farm Hillshire (Farm) GO MEAT!

What are the lyrics to the Hillshire farm commercial with the airplane?

special request chop ham on turkey breast mmm looks glam she'll have baked sugar brown ham oh wow,oh me that lunch meat bushwazy 1# class they rost the turkey with the honey then slice it up it's money stautistie stack high makes a sandwich go bye,bye(bye,bye) bang,bang,choo choo chain eat lunch meat on airoplane when l say HILLSHIRE! you say FARM! HILLSHIRE! FARM! GO MEAT!

What are the lyrics to the hillshire farm commercial w the FBI?

hey chief, whats hapenin? thats some serious meat your stacking Listen up! Freeze! Call the press! New hearty slices must confess! Just as i suspected, high grade stuff! Once you start eatin you cant get enough Hearty slices all the time, sliced so think that its a crime. Hey lets let chief eat his meat. nice work, case closed, back to the beat. When i say hillshire you say farm! HILLSHIRE! FARM! GO MEAT!

Where can I buy a Hillshire Farm Ham in Marshfield WI?

Walmart, Target And Cub Foods In the Deli Section At All Of These Stores

Who makes Bird Farm breakfast sausage?

Bird Farm Sausage was created by the Vogel family of Pekin Illinois.

Does sausage come from a farm or a factory?

Either. You can even make sausage yourself at home.

What is the duration of Home Farm Twins?

The duration of Home Farm Twins is 1800.0 seconds.

When did Home Farm Twins end?

Home Farm Twins ended on 2000-03-30.