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I wish I knew.

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Q: Who are the three girls in the first elevator scene in 3000 miles to graceland mainly the one in the black?
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What came first Hydraulic elevator or roped elevator?

Roped (traction) elevators came first. Otis Elevator Company invented the modern elevator in 1853 which used ropes. Otis Elevator Company then also invented the first hydraulic elevator which was installed in 1909 at the Singer Building in New York City (since demolished).

Who invented the first power elevator?

The first electric elevator was built by Werner von Siemens in 1880.

Who invented the elevator in 1859?

gidel moreno was the first lady who invented the elevator

Who invented the first elevator?


What is elevator auto-homing?

Elevator auto-homing sends the elevator to a predetermined floor when not in use. This is usually the first floor. Hydraulic jacks and cables raises and lowers the elevator cars.

How do you turn on the power on the pentagon on Call of Duty Black Ops?

After you get enough points to go down the elevator. Use it, then clear the debris, and then go to the other elevator. Go down that, and the after you are down there, go down the hallway to your first left, and then into the room on the right. It should be on the wall.

Where was the first elevator installed?

On March 23, 1857 the first Otis passenger elevator was installed was at 488 Broadway in New York City.

How much is an Elvis first edition stamp on Graceland envelope with January 8th 1993 Memphis tn 38101 and signed by Priscilla Presley?

How much is Elvis Presley stamp with Graceland Stamp on Envelope

How do you get the elevator in the Sims 2 Seasons?

You put flooring down, then place the elevator on it, (you have to have walls surrounding the elevator) then you place another elevator on top of the first one :) then when your playing with your sims click the bottom elevator and a tab will come up, you'll know what to do after that!

How much did the first elevator cost?

a shitload

What did elish Otis invent?

the first elevator.

How do you get into Mr Nack's room in fossil fighters?

You go to the elevator on the left and is the first room when you walk off the elevator