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Q: Who are the principal characters of the legend of Mariang Makiling?
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Story of mariang makiling?

Ian Inocencio is The Characters of Ian Makiling Story XD ehehehe,,,,,,

What is the summary of maria makiling?

There are several variations to the legend of Mariang Makiling. Variations aside, Mariang Makiling is the diwata (fairy or wood nymph) of Mount Makiling in Laguna, Philippines. She is the guardian of the mountain and benefactor to those who rely on the mountain for survival.

What is the moral lesson of the legend of the maria makiling?

What is_the_moral_lesson_in_the_legend_of_maria_makiling

What is the theme of the legend of the maria makiling?

Secret huhu

What is the theme of the legend maria makiling?

all about nature

What are the examples legends in the Philippines?

Some are, legend of maria makiling, legend of mt. mayon, legend of dama de noche, legend of 10 datus, legend of the rainbow, and legend of makahiya...

Who is the author of the story Maria Makiling?

Because stories about Maria Makiling were part of oral tradition long before they were documented, there are numerous versions of the Maria Makiling legend. Some of these are not stories per se, but superstitions.

What is the plot of the legend of Maria Makiling?

The Legend of Maria Makiling is a popular Filipino folklore about a beautiful fairy who resides in Mount Makiling. She is known to be the guardian of the mountain and its surrounding forests, often appearing to travelers and helping those who are lost. The story highlights her love for the environment and her ability to bring both blessings and misfortune to those who encounter her.

Who wrote the legend of maria makiling?

no one wrote it, it is a legend about a goddes who inhabited mt. makiling. it originated from the from the province of laguna, philippines where the mountain is located...the story happened before the spaniards came to the philippines... ancient filipinos believe in gods and godesses of nature... "diwata"

What is the rising action of the legend maria makiling?

In the legend of Maria Makiling, the rising action includes the introduction of the character Maria, the development of her relationship with the protagonist, and the series of events that lead up to the climax where Maria's true nature is revealed as a diwata or fairy. This part of the story builds tension and sets the stage for the resolution.

Who is the author of 'Alamat ni Maria Makiling'?

An anonymous author of works passed through generations of storytellers in the Philippines describes the author of Alamat ni Maria Makiling ("Legend of Mary Makiling"). The legend draws approaches by modern authors. The most famous is the legend's retelling by José Rizal (June 19, 1861-Dec. 30, 1896) ophthalmologist, political reformer and writer from Calamba in what now is Laguna province in the Calabarzon region of Luzon.

What are the six unfinished novel of rizal?

The unfinished novels of Jose Rizal are "Noli Me Tangere," "Filipinas Dentro de Cien Anos," "Makamisa," "Dapitan," "El Adolescente," and "The Mariang Makiling Legend." Rizal was not able to complete these works due to various circumstances, including his exile and eventual execution.