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Producers, directors, stage managers, designers , dramatists, playwrights, make up artists, audience, actors and actresses.

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Set designers
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Q: Who are the people involved in theater and drama?
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What is dramatic play?

where people act out drama skills where people act out drama skills where people act out drama skills. Dramatic play is when a theatre performance is also involved

Is drama theater?


What would a degree in drama be called?

To study drama, the degree would be Drama Studies or Theater. For acting, it would be Theater, Theater Performance, or Acting. Many schools also offer Theater Production & Design, or Theater Production. Some schools use different names, but these are the most common.

What is the definition of modern theater?

"Modern theater" is often referred to as "modern drama." By definition, it is the development of drama from the beginning of the 20th century on.

How did early English drama develop?

Early English drama was usually in the form of poetry and theater with people who expressed stories, emotions and events through these forms. One of these such people was Shakespeare.

Is Juggling part of musical theater?

no that is drama

What is dramatic sense?

Pertaining a drama or the theater

What has the author Hilarious N Ambe written?

Hilarious N. Ambe has written: 'Change aesthetics in anglophone Cameroon drama & theatre' -- subject(s): Cameroon drama (English), History and criticism, Political aspects, Political aspects of Theater, Theater, Theater and society, Drama, Cameroonian drama (English)

When was Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama created?

Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Theater of Russian Drama was created in 1926.

Is a Drama a feeling?

"Drama" is more of a specification of theater, but "dramatic" is an adjective for a feeling, I assume.

Who are the persons that are related to drama theater?

Acters or actreses

What does TIE mean in drama class?

Theater in educatioon