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The official WINX CLUB members are...

Bloom the fairy of the dragon flame

Flora the fairy of nature

Tecna the fairy of technology

Musa the fairy of music

Aisha the fairy of the waves

Stella the fairy of the shining sun

Roxy the fairy of animals

Thats all of the official members of the WINX CLUB that I know of! I hope that its helpful! I will be answering more of these unanswered questions. BYE!

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Q: Who are the official Winx Club members?
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How do you email winx club?

Go to: and click on a Winx Club girl and click, "Write to me!". Or you could go to the bottom of the screen and click "Feedback" and you can write a problem to the official Winx Club team.

Who is blooms best friend?

Everyone in the WInx club cuz I remember this episode when Bloom said that all the winx club members are her best friends.

Are there any magical codes for winx club official site game?


What is the best winx club site?

Go in "Google" and search "winx club", click on winx club offical siteGo in "Google" and search "winx club", click on winx club offical site

Do they have winx club in Poland?

You have Winx Club in Poland.

Why is winx club cool?

winx club is lame

How can you run winx club online?

winx club online is similar to sparkcityworld (a virtual game that you can shop dress up your person etc.) the top player on sparkcityworld is PINKYPRINCESS11 she is the best player .she dresses so pretty she has 7123683 star coins.I love her so much FROM: Stella-winx club Bloom-winx club flora-winx club Techna-winx club layla-winx club Musa-winx club roxy-winx club yuki-sparkcityworld

Which show is better W.I.T.C.H. OR Winx Club?

winx club

What channel is winx club on for 2011?

Winx Club is on Nickelodeon

Can you talk to the Winx Club?

Of course not. Winx Club is fictional.

Who is the winx club champion?

There is no such thing as Winx Club Champiaon! 21.01.2011

Does bloom die in winx club?

No, Bloom does not die in Winx Club.