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the original lead singer was Craig Fuller, who sang lead on "Amie" in 1975.

he was replaced by Vince Gill in 1979. (That's THE Vince Gill of Country Music fame)

New answer 6/2011- Actually, it was Larry Goshorn who was the lead singer of Pure Prairie League after Craig left and sang Amie on the road for a few years. Also, Larry Goshorn was replaced by Vince Gill. Vince did not replace Craig Fuller, who was no longer with the group!

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There are eight members in the band Pure Prairie League. The member on lead guitar is Craig Fuller. Other members also on the guitar include Vince Gill, Curtis Wright, Gary Burr, Mike Hamilton and Jack Sundrud on the base guitar. The last two members of the band include Fats Kaplin (Accordion) and Al Garth (fiddle).

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Q: Who are the members in the band Pure Prairie League?
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pure prairie league sand "Amie" in 1975

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