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Cinema Mala Caste

  • Johnny Lever (Janumala John Prakasa Rao) - Famous Bollywood comedian, born in Usullapalli, H.M Padu (Mandal), Prakasam District, A.P.
  • Babu Mohan - Comedian during 1990's in Tollywood & Ex minister in TDP Government
  • Betha Sudhakar ("Pichha kottudu sudhakar") - Popular Comedian & Character Artist in Tollywood
  • Goreti Venkanna - Famous Folk Singer from Telangana Region
  • Archana (actress), Actress in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam; Twice National Award Winner
  • Madhavi (actress) in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi;.yadava not mala.
  • PILLELLI SUNIL Ambedkar film producer in telugu and also periyar ,narayana guru in telugu
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Q: Who are the mala caste actors?
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