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Manny:Mammoth, very fatherly and protective of his daughter, stubborn(according to ellie)! Ellie: Manny's mammoth wife who is also half opossom( she grew up with opposums)! Peaches: manny and ellie's teenage mammoth daughter, who is also half opossom, high strong and stubborn like her father, likes ethan, wants to be like the girls he hangs around with! Lewis: peaches molehog friend who is there for her even when she isnt for him because he secretly loves her! Diego: saber toothed tiger manny's friend and part of his herd, falls in love with shira! Shira: saber toothed tiger, first mate pirate to captin gutt till he leaves her behind and she joins manny and the gang, falls in love with diego! Captin gutt: pirate ape that captures manny qnd his friend so they destroy his boat he gets mad and swears his revenge! Sid: sloth his family abandoned him a long time ago soo hes with manny and the gang, likes chewed up food , considered screw up, most of the time he is a the glass is half full kind of sloth! Granny: 80 year old sloth, SIDS grandma, has a pet whale. Named precious! Scrat: sabre toothe squirrel, loves nuts , causes the world to split! Crash and eddie : opposom unkles of peaches, stupid , just live. To have fun!

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Q: Who are the main characters of the story in the movie of the Ice Ages Continental drift and give their descriptions of each character?
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What made the scientific community accept wegener's theory years later?

Alfred Wegener was the proponent of the Continental Drift Theory. The scientific community accepted this theory due to the phenomena of paleomagnetism, sea floor spreading and plate tectonics.

How many ice age movies are there?

Ice Age Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age 4(Hopefully):Th4w, coming out 2012. I'm a little depressed with what they are thinking of as a plot right now, but so far, whats been going around is that Manny, Diego, Sid, Scrat, the possums,peaches and (maybe....a BIG maybe...)Buck &Scratte. My personal favorite character out of all the movies is Buck by a long shot, and I think people would get mad if he is taken out.Basically the plot is that the gang find themselves frozen in a museum, in present day, and when they are unfrozen they escape. I think they are thinking of making Peaches tie in with a recent event, which was a baby mammoth was found on an island somewhere. I personally am not fond of what they are doing unless they keep all the characters..(and maybe bring in some new characers too?...questions have been raised about a girl weasel for Buck...) Which, honestly, probably won't happen....knowing big corporations..but, we can always hope =) Hey! If you want to read plot with everyone unculding Buck go to type in ice age 3 buck then go to BUCK-Facebook. Go to my profile read MY PLOT The Ice Age saga: Return of the Dinosaurs. *And Buck's former girlfriend Vanessa's in it and Sid finds love too* LOL. MY PLOT IS FUNNY. New Characters? Victor Terrance Vanessa Penny etc. lol. And Peaches is in it too. And Crash's "I BELEIVE I CAN FLLYYY!!" Come back.. DO READ Tell ppl! *My profile name is Kimberly Kerr* with a PIC of Esther from the movie Orphan... :D Now it's Miranda Cosgrove!

Why was Harry Hess important?

Harry Hess's discovery was important because it helped explain the theory of continental drift. His discovery, that on the sea floor magma pushes up which causes the plate tectonics to move which carries the continents with it, explains better reasoning to the theory. It also helped the scienctist to explain how the sea floor spreading is happening.

How is the Asian guy from Tokyo drift who is supposed to be dead living and playing in the fast five movie?

It's a prequel.

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One Of The Songz Are Called Drift By Emily osmen And The Song Breath Me By Sia Is Played During The Suicide Scene

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What is the very slow movement of the continents is called?

Continental Drift

Continental drift tagalog kahulugan?

continental drift is a drift by alfred wegener !

Can a cyclone create continental drift?

No; continental drift is a geological process.

When you right continental drift does it have to be capitalized?

No, only Continental Drift Theory.

What does provide evidence for continental drift?

Is there a list? Continental drift is real, so religious fanatics don't provide evidence for continental drift.

Who is the character of Captain Gut's in the story of the movie ice ages continental drift and what kind of animal is he?


Who proved continental drift?

Alfred Wegener Proved The theory of Continental Drift.

What theory replaced Wegener's hypothesis of continental drift?

I think that continetal drift replaced his theory

What resulted in the formation of the super continent?

D) Continental drift, Pangea

What technology supports continental drift?

Continental drift is explained by the science of plate tectonics.

What is the volcanic and the drift continental theory?

the Continental Drift Theory is the slow movement of the Earths continents. A.K.A the continents drift

How does seafloor spearing and continental drift link together?

Seafloor-spreading is the cause of continental drift