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Evan Bayh,Mike Beebe,Joe Biden,Cory Booker,Julian Castro,Hillary Clinton,Rahm Emanuel,Kristen Gillibrand,Christine Gregorie,Kamala Harris,John Hickenlooper,Tim Kaine,John Kerry,Amy Klobuchar,Jack Markell,Janet Napolitano,Jay Nixon,Martin OMalley,Deval Patrick,Brian Schweitzer,Kathleen Sebelius,Antonio Villaraigosa,Mark Warner,and Elizabeth Warren

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Kelly Ayotte,Michele Bachmann,Sam Brownback,,Ken Cuccinelli,Jim Demint,Mary Fallin,Newt Gingrich,Nikki Haley,Mike Huckabee,Jon Huntsman Jr,John Kasich,Susana Martinez,Bob McDonnell,Sarah Palin,,Tim Pawlenty,Mike Pence,Rick Perry,Rob Portman,Condoleezza Rice,Marco Rubio,Paul Ryan,Brian Sandoval,Rick Santorum,John Thune,

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Michael Bloomberg and Jesse Ventura

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Q: Who are the independent candidates that will run in 2016?
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Are any of the 2016 US presidential election candidates related to royalty?

In the 2016 US Presidential election process, no candidates are related to royalty. It would be a rather unlikely situation for that to exist.

What are the release dates for Tyson's Run - 2016?

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Who are the candidates are running for the president of the US?

Nobody is running right now. The most recent election finished in early November 2012, with President Barack Obama winning a second term in office; he defeated Mitt Romney. There will be another presidential election in 2016, and Mr. Obama cannot run again (he will have completed two terms); thus, there will be new candidates for the Democrats as well as for the Republicans. But in early 2013, it is much too early for any potential candidates to officially express their desire to run in the 2016 election.

Independent candidates can formally get on the ballot through?

state petition

If two candidates run for class president and five candidates run for class vice-president how many different combinations of president and vice-president are possible?

2 candidates * 5 vice-president candidates = 10 combinations.

Will Mitt Romney run for President in 2016?

No. His aides have announced that Mitt Romney will not run for president for the third time in 2016.

Do you believe local judges should run for office as independent candidates or on a party ticket Why as a democrat or republican?

Local judges should run independent of a party ticket so that they are not beholden to a party to make decisions in their favor. Also, every decision should be based on the merits of that case and not be looked at based on political reasons.

Who will not run in 2016?

Mitch Daniels

Will Ben Carson run for president in 2016?

2016 is too far away to make any accurate predictions about who may run.

What are people who run in elections called?


Who will take over Barack Obama when election done?

I assume you are asking who the next president will be, because after serving his second term, President Obama is not allowed to run for president again. This means there will be an election in 2016 with a new Democratic candidate and a new Republican candidate. We do not know in early 2014 who those candidates will be, but as we get closer to 2016, we will be able to determine which candidates have the best chance of being nominated; and at that time, we can explore which candidate has the best chance to become our next president.