Who are the herber mooths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An amateur traditional Scottish folk group from Dunbar in East Lothian. The group of four consists of:

Gilbert Cairns- Vocals, Harmonica and Jew's Harp

Stuart Robertson - Vocals, Harmonica and Spoons.

Martin Fell - Vocals, Bodran, Lagerphone

Ian Hastie - Vocals, Guitar, 5 String Banjo, Irish Banjo, Whistles, Mandola

The Herber Mooths material consists mainly of arrangements of traditional and well -known Scottish folk tunes. They have a particular interest in Robert Burns and regularly perform at Burns Suppers at home and abroad often performing all the speeches, poems and songs for the evening. This popular group have performed all over Scotland from Duns in the south to Loch Carron in the north, in village and town halls. Concerts are a blend of songs, great fun and original humorous poetry from the pen of Stuart Robertson.

The Herber Mooths have produced a couple of successful Cd's which are available from group members and at The John Muir Birthplace Museum in Dunbar.

They sing mainly for enjoyment and have raised significant amounts of money for charity. In June 2010 were named Rotary citizens of the year.

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Q: Who are the herber mooths?
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