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Q: Who are the girls in john by lil Wayne?
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Is lil john lil Wayne's son?

You stupid idiots Lil John is 38 and Lil Wayne is 26.

Does Lil Wayne like girls?


When was John - Lil Wayne song - created?

John - Lil Wayne song - was created on 2011-03-24.

Does lil Wayne have twin girls?

no he has one child.

How many girls did lil wayne get pregnant?


What type of girls are Lil Wayne into?

any and all

Did Lil Wayne shot himself?

I luv girls

What kind of girl does Lil Wayne like?

Lil Wayne likes longhaired, thick red bones.

Does lil Wayne like white girls?

hell yes!!

Who is more famous Lil Wayne or John Lennon?

John Lennon

Why did Lil Wayne say he so sweet make her want to lick the wrapper?

lil Wayne is not gay for saying that cause he is talking from a girls prespective

What Lil Wayne song starts with a lighter flick?

Lil Wayne - Fireman we be steady mobbin - lil Wayne ft gucci mane Wayne on me- Lil Wayne Swag Surf- Lil Wayne Single- Lil Wayne Banned from T.V.- Lil Wayne I got no ceilings- Lil Wayne D.O.A.- Lil Wayne Wasted- Lil Wayne