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well there's James 11-12 year old, blonde hair medium weight and height

then theres Lauren 8-9 ( i think) medium, lond blond hair

kyle- 13-14 but looks young for his age, short, idk what hair, in shape

Bruce- 11-12 brown hair, very fit, but young looking, normal height

Kerry- 11-12 Asian, Black hair, oriantal, fit, normal height

those are the main kid characters but many more if u read the other books

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The cast of the CHERUB movie will be as follows:

James Adams (James Choke): some guy

Lauren Adams (Lauren Zoe Onions): some girl

Kyle Blueman (unknown): a gay dude

Kerry Chang (Ling Chang): a Chinese looking girl

Amy Collins (Jennifer Amy Pegg): Emma Roberts

Bruce Norris (Aled Thomas): a guy

Dave Moss: (David Rogers): a really hot guy

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Q: Who are the cast for the cherub movie?
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