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Henry fambrough

bobby smith

billy Henderson

pervis Jackson

george dixon

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Q: Who are the band members of the spinners?
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How did the quest members become prisoners in Gregor the Overlander?

The Quest members became prisoners because the Spinners had captured them because Gregor was making such a racket.

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What were the Detroit Spinners called in the UK?

Before using Detroit Spinners they were known as the Motown Spinners, and this was because they didn't want to be confused with a folk group the Spinners.

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The lead singer is Christian, but the other band members aren't.

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Who sang the rubber band man?

The song was written by the well-respected American team of Thom Bell (also a famous producer) and Linda Creed, who created a number of hits for such rhythm-and-blues artists as the Spinners and the Stylistics. "Rubberband Man" was a top-five hit for the Spinners in 1976.