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Jordan Witzigreuter- Vocals

Andy Snyder- Bass

Keegan Weckler- Guitar

Travis Rountree- Drums

Deryck Stanick- Sound Technician

Matt Nielson- Tour Manager

Jason Kuipers- Murchandice manager

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Jordan Witzigreuter is the lead singer of Ready Set.

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Jordan Witzigreuter <3

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Q: Who are the band members of the ready set?
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What band is Jordan Witzegruter from?

He is in the band "The Ready Set"

Who sings the ready set love like woe?

Jordan Witzigreuter is the band 'The Ready Set'

Who is the singer from the ready set band?

Jordan Witzigreuter

What is the name of the singer of the ready set band?

Jordan Witzigreuter

When is Travis Rountree's birthday from the ready set band?

Dec 27

What is the lead singers name of the band the ready set?

Jordan Witzigreuter

Who wrote love like woe?

The band called : the ready set

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What is the last name for Jordan in the band the ready set?

his name is Jordan Witzigreuter

What musical instrument did members of the band purchase for bud?

A set of drums

How many people are in the ready set band?

One. Though live there is a band. Which has I think 4 or five extra people.

What religion is the band Eyes Set To Kill?

Eyes Set To Kill are not a religion oriented band. The members all have separate religious views which are private.