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Andrew Lee, Jason Rosen, Alexander Noyes, and Michael Bruno.

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Andrew=lee (his last name is really schmidt)

not sure about Michael and Jason :(

Jason is Daniel

Michael is Anthony

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Q: Who are the band members of Honor Society?
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Does honor society look like Jonas brothers?

their style kind of does, but they don't. and there are 5 band members in honor society, not 3

When was Honor Society - band - created?

Honor Society - band - was created in 2006.

Where did the band Honor Society originate?

Most of the members are from New York, so it pretty much formed there.

How tall are the Honor Society Band Members?

Michael and Jason are both around 5'5" and Alex and Andy are around 6'2"

How old is the band members of honor society?

Michael and Andy are 30, while Alexander just turned 24 and Jason is 31 (:

How tall is Michael Bruno honor society?

Michael Bruno from the band Honor Society is 5'4 tall!

Is Jason rosen from honor society married?

No. No one in the band is married

Who is the honor society that is touring with the Jonas Brothers?

A band. That will be touring with the Jonas Brothers.

Does the band Honor Society have an address to send fan mail to? (:

What is honor society record label called?

Honor Society was the first band to sign on to Jonas Records which is apart of the Jonas Group, which branched off of Hollywood Records

What month does National Honor Society induct new members?

One hour

Does Madison riley havea boyfriend?

She is dating Alexander Noyes from the band Honor Society