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The Peverells are the three brothers who went on a adventure together and met Death. In other words, Harry's distant ancestors.

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Q: Who are the Peverells in Harry Potter?
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Who are the peverells in Harry Potter the movies?

the peverell brothers are the brothers who earned the deathly hallows.

Is Harry Potter a desc endant to the brothers of the deathly hollows?

Yes. If you look on the Internet and search Harry Potter family tree/geneology, you should be able to find a family tree that shows you that Harry is a great descendant of one of the Peverells. The one that got the cloak.

Which ancient wizarding line did Harry Potter come from?

He came from the Peverells, we learn in the 7th book that Ignatus Peverell, the one who owned the Invisibility Cloak first, is Harry's ancestor. Which is why James had the cloak, and passed it to Harry.

Whose ancestors owned the Deathly Hallows?

Harry Potter's Harry Owned them all because he originally owned the invisibility cloak and the other hallows were meant for his brothers so Harry was the rightful owner of the three! Well, it's guesswork only, as nobody knows how many descendants of the Peverells are alive nowadays...

What did Lord Voldemort mean when he said Harry Potter was like him?

Just what he said. Harry and Voldemort do have similarities; for instance, they both can speak Parseltongue (although after Voldemort destroyed the Horcrux in Harry, Harry couldn't), both are half-bloods, both have a wand with a phoenix feather core, both survived the Killing Curse (Harry because of his mother's protection, Voldemort because of his Horcruxes), and both of them are descended from the Peverells.

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