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arnel pineda- lead vocals

neal schon- Guitars

deen castronovo - drums

ross valory - bass

jonthan cain- keyboard

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Q: Who are the Journey band members today?
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Along with Steve Perry who are the members of the band Journey?

The Journey is an American rock band that was formed in San Francisco in the year 1973. As of today, the band currently has five members other than Steve Perry.

What is age of journey band members?

Today they would be late 60's early 70's old.

How many band members has the band Ulver gone through?

Ulver consists of 4 members as of today. They have had a total of 14 Members over the years, not counting people who were only part of the band for a few live-concerts or sessions.

Journey founding members Neil Schon and Gregg Rolie met each other as members of what legendary music?

they were both in the band Santana in the early days

how many members of dyer strit band is still alive?

how many membersof dyer strit band is still alive today

Who influenced the band journey?

Who influenced journey

Who influenced journey band?

Who influenced journey

What kind of band is the Verve Pipe?

Verve Pipe is an American Rock Band. The Band was founded in 1992 and has 6 members. Although the band is very old, they are active today and make songs.

Is Falling in Reverse a christan band?

No, the band Falling in Reverse has to be one of the best alternative bands out there today.

How did Neil Schon and Gregg Rolie meet?

Greg was in the original Santana band Neil joined the band some time latter as a teenager. They were members of Santana, in the 70's.

Journey founding members Neil Schon and Gregg Rolie met each other as members of what legendary music act?

It's Neal Schon and they were both member of Santana.Gregg Rolie was a founding member and the original lead singer and keyboard player in Santana and also helped write and produce a lot of their songs.Neal joined the original Santana band around their 3rd record and played on such hits as "No One To Depend On" and "Everybody's Everything".After the original Santana band broke up (it was a band of equal members, not Carlos Santana's band as many people assume), Gregg and Neal became founding members of Journey.

When was the band The Loving Spoonful formed?

The band The Loving Spoonful was formed between the years 1964-1965. This band is still active today, but has lost and gained several members over the years.