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i saw freddie king play with his son freddie king mother blues in Dallas Texas i whent to jr.high school with jr.i whant to know is his son still performing?

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Q: Who are the Freddie king band members?
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What are the names of all the band members of Freddie and the dreamers?

The founding band members were Freddie Garrity, Roy Crewdson, Derek Quinn, Peter_Birrell, and Bernie Dwyer.The later members of the band were Eamonn Carr, Nick Foti, Mike Quinn, Simon Clarke, and Alan Edmundson.

Was Freddie mercury the only gay member of the band queen?

Freddie Mercury was bisexual and all the other former members are straight.

Are band members of queen gay?

yes they are,as far as I know

What actors and actresses appeared in Freddie Fisher and His Band - 1943?

The cast of Freddie Fisher and His Band - 1943 includes: Freddie Fisher as Himself, Band Leader

Names of band members please in greyhound?

Danny Smith and Freddie Notes. Glenroy Oakly, Oakley joined after Notes had left.

What do the remaining members of queen do now?

The only one that was ever in the band that is dead is Freddie Mercury but John Deacon isn't in the band anymore the only ones that are still in the band are Brian May and Roger Taylor

What is Freddie King's birthday?

Freddie King was born on September 3, 1934.

When was Freddie King born?

Freddie King was born on September 3, 1934.

When was Little Freddie King born?

Little Freddie King was born on 1940-07-19.

How tall is Freddie Jackson?

Freddie King is 198 cm.

Which town did queen the band come from?

Guitarist and Drummer Brian and Rodger are from London and formed a band in 1971 . but the lead singer Freddie mercury (rock in peace) was from an Indian island .

Who started Queen the band?

The band queen started out as a band that went by the name, Smile, Which had guitarist Brian May and drummer Brian Taylor, and a bassist Tim Staffell. Freddie Mercury was a fan of smile and when Tim Staffell left the band, Freddie encouraged them to continue. In 1970, Freddie joined the band, and named it Queen! :)