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Julia RobertsJulia Roberts is NOT in the Chase Sapphire commercial... the actress is Molly Culver, who starred opposite Pam Anderson in the short lived series "VIP".

I have dedicated a fan page for these commercials!

Dear Julia, I am still trying to find someone who knows the African American actor in the Chase Sapphire commerical in Nov. & Dec. 2010 (see on YouTube) towards the end of the commercial. Jutta

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12y ago
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The guy is Doug Savant (he's from Desperate Housewives) and the woman is Molly Culver (from tv series V.I.P with Pam Anderson).

The Chase Sapphire commercial that I'm thinking of, with the woman that's bought a new dress, it's not "Tom" from Desperate Housewives, it's another actor!

Are you sure? I really think it's him.
Not sure what happened to what I wrote earlier but I thought it was Chirtopher Sieber and Molly Culver.

I know it's not the guy from Desperate Housewives. I don't think it's Sieber either, I'm almost positive it's David Starzyk. The first time I saw that commercial, I instantly recognized him from an episode of Two and a Half Men.
So I checked out a pic of Starzyk and I am totally with you on retracting my Sieber statement. I totally remember him from Two and a Half Men but I think I also thought at the time that he was Sieber. Funny thing is, IMDB does list Starzyk as having a roll on Desperate Housewives as Bradley Scott so while he isn't Doug Savant, the person who guessed it was half right.
I don't think it's any of them. David Starzyk doesn't have the right nose ... look at the profile of the guy on the commercial - he's got a pretty big schnoz ... maybe it's just an unknown TV commercial actor - there are lots of those!
It's Starzyk. I just re-watched his episode of Two and a Half Men. His nose is plenty big enough, same voice - it's him.

It is defenitly David Starzyk if you go to his IMBD at the bottom of the list of all his movies there is a section about commercials it states that he and Molly Culver do the Chase Sapphire commercial

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Actor John Prudhont.

No, it is Michael Torpey.

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Q: Who are the Actors in the chase sapphire commercial?
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