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if your talking about rappers that talk about Christianity lecrae is the only one I really know about dee-1 & murs touch christianity at times. but a fair amount of rappers are christian I think

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Q: Who are some of the best christian rappers?
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How much do christian rappers earn?

Many well known Christian rappers do not earn that much from their album sales. However, there are some that do quite well. For example, Christian rapper Andy Mineo is worth about 40 million.

Are there any Christian rappers?

Yes there is, some examples are Lecrae and Trip Lee

What are some of the best songs ever?

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What group sings Christian Side Hug?

"Christian Side Hug" is a song by Christian rappers TFH (The Father's House).

Who are good christian rappers?

The top Christian rappers are: Lecrae Grits Tedashi Trip-Lee John Reuben Flame KJ-52 TobyMac can be considered a Christian rapper because he graduated highschool as one but he does not rap on any of his albums.

What are the best rappers from Chicago?

Lupe Fiasco, Common, and Kanye West are considered the 3 best Chicago- based rappers.

Who are the rappers in the best buy commercial?

They aren't rappers, they are actors who suck at fake rapping.

Is Pitbull christian?

i think he is because they say all rappers are againts illuminati

Who are the best rappers?

2pac or eminem

What does statistics say about the best rappers in texas?

Statistics says that Marcus Gardner and Kayland Bass are the best rappers on soundcloud, but in Texas, Gary Peoples is the best rapper.

Do rappers change their names when they become rappers?

Yes some rapper do but not all

Who are the game's best rappers?

Eminem and TI