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His only sibling is his little brother, Sasuke Uchiha.

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Q: Who are itachi Uchias siblings?
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Does Sasuke have siblings?

Yes, Itachi was Sasuke's brother.

You love itachi?

I love Itachi.

Itachi die in?

Itachi is dead.

Who is Itachi Uchiha?

Itachi is Sasuke's brother.

What is the code for itachi?

itachi: o/_\O

How do you get itachi in naruto Ultimate Ninja 2?

finish the sasuke vs. Itachi battle and then you'll get itachi

Does sakura fall in love with itachi?

no itachi is dead

Does Itachi smoke?

No, Itachi was never shown smoking.

Does sakue kill itachi?

yes, sasuke kills Itachi but itachi was already weak with an illness that is still unknown

When is Itachi's birthday?

itachi's birthday is 9th day of June

Did itachi ever cussed?

itachi never cursed in the anime

Will Sasuke die in the battle with itachi?

no he will not die .... but he will killed itachi