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There are many. Roberts is a very common name.

Here are just some, but not all, otherwise we could be here forever.

  • Emma Roberts (actress)
  • Julia Roberts (actress)
  • Nicola Roberts (musician)
  • Shawn Roberts (actor)
  • Alice Roberts (anthropologist & author)
  • Nora Roberts (author)
  • Luke Roberts (actor)
  • Jake Roberts (wrestler)
  • Anthony Roberts (athlete)
  • Clifford Roberts (golfer)
  • Doris Roberts (actress)
  • Gordon Roberts (sportsman)
  • Robin Roberts (sportsman)
  • Andrew Roberts (historian)
  • Archie Roberts (sportsman)
  • Barbara Roberts (politician)
  • Carey Roberts (author)
  • Carrie Roberts (golfer)
  • Charles G.D Roberts (poet)
  • Chuck Roberts (tv personality)
  • Bartholomew Roberts (pirate)
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53- Names

Bob the Builder & Spongbob

Bob Barker-- Gameshow Host

Bob Carlisle-- singer/songwriter

Bob Costas-- Sports Announcer

Bob Denver-- GILLIGAN!!

Bob Dole-- Senator

Bob Dornan-- Politician

Bob Dylan-- Famous Singer

Bob Evans-- Founder of Bob Evans Restaurant

Bob Eubanks-- Gameshow Host

Bob Fenster-- newspaper Writer

Bob Gleason-- CEO and President of All About Bob

Bob "Cat" Goldthwait-- Comedian

Bob Hader-- Comedian

Bob Hope-- Famous Comedian

Bobby Hurly-- B-Ball Star

Bob Hund-- Music

Bob James-- Jazz musician

Bob Keer-- Star

Bob Keeshan-- Creator of Captain Kangaroo/Author

Bob Kline-- Winton Woods person

Bobby Knight-- Basketball Coaching Great

Bob Landis-- ??

Bob Lazar-- Scientist

Bob Livingston-- Politician

Bob Marley-- Famous Singer

Bob Metcalf--??

Bob Miller-- L.A. Sports Announcer

Bob Mortimer-- comedian

Bob Newhart-- Actor/Comedian

Bob Parent-- Photographer

Bob Probert-- Hockey Star for Chicago Blackhawks

Bob Ross-- Famous Painter, (seen on PBS)

Bob Ryan-- Action 4 News anchor

Bob Saget-- Comedian/actor

Bob Segar-- Famous Singer

Bob Smith-- Politician

Buffalo Bob Smith-- Howdy Dudey Time

Billy Bob Thorton-- Actor

Bob Tischler-- Music Producer

Bob Townson-- Car Dealer in Cincinnati

Bob Uecker-- Sports Announcer/Actor

Bobby Valentine-- Wrestling Star

Bob Woodward-- Author

Bob Zany-- Comedian

Bill Murry-- Played a Bob In a Movie

Sideshow Bob-- The Simpson's

BOB and TOM-- Radio personalities

Bob The Dinosaur-- Dilbert Character

Bob The Tomato-- Veggie Tales

Bob The Software-- Microsoft application before Windows

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Robert De Niro is the first that came to mind lol

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Robert Duvall and Robert DeNiro are famous actors. Robert Frost is a famous poet. Robert E. Lee was the Commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

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Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert Taylor. Also Robert Hutton and Robert Sterling.

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There are many celebrities who have the first name Roberta. These include the following. Roberta Maxwell, Roberta Shore, Roberta Chung and Roberta Leighton.

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Q: Who are famous actors with the first name Bob?
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