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Q: Who are characters based on real people?
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Are the characters of the book to kill a mockingbird real characters?

Some of the characters are based off of real people. Dill is based of her childhood best friend and neighbor Truman Capote.

Are the characters in gridiron gang based on real people?

Yes They Are

Was Daria or any of the characters on the show based on real people and if so who?

No. They don't appear to based on anyone.

What genre is actual events and some characters based on real people from the past?


Which explains why writers sometimes based fictional characters on real people?

D.Real people tend to create more dramatic situations then fictional characters. -Apx

Do video game characters exist?

Hmmm.... Odd question, but i know the answer. Video game characters are simply characters made from the emotions and actions of people in the real world. Their appearances are based on people in the real world. So, in a sense, yes, video game characters do exists.

Who was the real couple portrayed as Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson on the Titanic?

There was no real couple. Jack and Rose are fictional characters. They were not based on real people.

Was the titanic movie based on a real survivor of it?

No. It was based on a real disaster where a ship called the Titanic hit an ice burg and a lot of people died, but the characters in the film are entirely fictional.

Is the character James dormandy fictional?

Yes, even though most of the characters are based off of real people.

Are the Avatars and Na'vi real people or graphics?

They are a combination: Their features and expressions are based off of real life characters...CGI technology was used to model the virtual characters. See the related links for an image about how it was done.

How is Stephen kumalo straight forward in Cry the Beloved Country?

Stephen Kumalo is straightforward in his depiction of the characters, their thoughts, and feelings. Many of his characters are based on real people.

Out of all of Shakespeare's characters which ones were based on real people?

The historical tragedies- such as Macbeth and more to the point, Julius Caesar!