Who are birdman's kids?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He has a son and daugther, Bryan Jr. and Bria. Atleast those are the only two he talks about which the exception of his play son, Lil Wayne.

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Birdman adopted Lil' Wayne making him Lil' Wayne's step dad.

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Q: Who are birdman's kids?
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What are birdmans kids names?

His daughters name is Bria Williams .

When is the day of the rapper birdman's birthday?

what is birdmans birthday what is birdmans birthday ....It is today 2/15.

What is the coolest house?

birdmans house

Is lil chuckee birdmans son?


What is the name of the car on birdmans album cover?

bugatti veyron

What is the rap song about adoption?

Birdmans 'i adopted lil wayne'

Does lilwayne have a sister?

Yes he does her name is Bria Williams its birdmans daughter...

What is birdmans favorite color?

I think Birdman's favorite color is red.

What is birdmans cell phone number?

Not sure, why don't you try twitter?

What is the birdmans worth?

100 million dollars which makes him the fourth richest rapper.

What is birdmans real name?

Currently his name is William; i don't know his last name.

Who is birdmans girlfriend?

Rapper and performer Birdman is rumored to have a girlfriend as of May 2014. He is reportedly dating Tina Wiseman.