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Mark Maher - vocals, drums

  • ** Damien Whitty - guitar

Hit the Billboard Charts on 11 June 1977 peaking at Number 18 and stayed on the Charts for 17 weeks.

Ram Jam (Group) East Coast Rock quartet : Billboard Charts on 11 June 1977 peaking at Number 18 and stayed on the Charts for 17 weeks.

Myke Scavone (vocals), Bill Bartlett (guitar), Howie Blauvelt (bass) and Peter Charles (drums).

Blauvelt played base in Billy Joel's group, The Hassies, died of heart attack 10/25/93 aged 44.

Ram Jam took some heat for this because some civil rights groups felt the lyrics were disrespectful to black women.

Ram Jam were a short-lived band from New York City. This was their only hit.

The Australian band Spiderbait recorded this in 2004. It was their first single to reach #1 on the Australian charts. (thanks, Lynne - Sydney, Australia)

A remixed version of this song is used in the 2002 movie Kung Pow: Enter The Fist when the main character fights the villain. (thanks, Frankie - Sarch, IN)


In 2004 an Australian group called Spiderbait covered the tune.


Soil covered it as well...

___________________________ North Mississippi Allstars do a version of it

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Ram Jamm

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Q: Who are all the artists that sang the song Black Betty?
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