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John and Margret Zimmerman

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Q: Who are Rachel zimmerman parents?
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How old is Rachel zimmerman?

Rachel Zimmerman was 12 when she invented the 'Blissymbol printer.' Zimmerman was born in 1972.

Does Rachel Zimmerman have brothers and sisters?

does rachel zimmerman have any brothers or sisters

Who are George Zimmerman's parents?

George Zimmerman's parents are Robert Zimmerman, Sr. and Gladys Zimmerman.

When did Rachel zimmerman die?

She didn't

Is Rachel Zimmerman alive?


Did Rachel zimmerman die?

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Where was rachel zimmerman born?

London, Ontario,Canada

Who is rachel zimmerman?

rachel zimmerman was the person who invented the blisssymbol Printer, which enabled people that couldn't speak to communicate with other people-she was only 12 years old

When and where was rachel zimmerman born?

she was born in Ontario, Canada in 1972

What school did Rachel Zimmerman go to?

I don't have specific information about an individual named Rachel Zimmerman and her school. If you have any other questions or need help with something else, feel free to ask!

Who is Rachel Zimmerman's parent's?

john and Margaret zimmerman were her parent born and raised in Ontario Canada. they grew up together in a rich neighborhood.

What actors and actresses appeared in Lately There Have Been Many Misunderstandings in the Zimmerman Home - 2006?

The cast of Lately There Have Been Many Misunderstandings in the Zimmerman Home - 2006 includes: Allan Greenberg as Jerome Zimmerman Kira Sternbach as Rachel Zimmerman Darlene Violette as Mary Louise Zimmerman