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Ezra had at least two brothers. One of the brothers was John Cornell. John was the father of Benjamin. Benjamin was the father of William, who was the father of William J., who was the father of William A. who was the father of Clyde, who was the father of my father, Lloyd. I am working on the huge task of filling in the blanks. I have, at my disposal, the works of John W. Cornell (Goshen, IN), the works of Rosemary Lawson (Cornell), and the works of my mother Rosemary Elizabeth Bowyer Cornell Johnson. My mother, who recently passed, along with my brother David Cornell (also recently departed) compiled volumes of work on the Cornell family, including photos, both living and tombstone pics., court documents and records, etc. My Mother also traced the Bowyer, Cain, Cornell, Crisp connections and compiled huge volumes of work on those families. Mom has a three volume set on Ezra that should be in the World's libraries. My name is Jeff Cornell. I am one of 5 living sons of Lloyd Cornell sr. Anyone wishing to pursue an interest in the Cornell roots can contact me at I live in Lafayette, IN. My family holds property that has been the property of no other, some deeded by the President. Many (in fact, most) of us have served our Country, and many of us gave all. Upon our Mother's passing we surrounded her with our presence and love--we filled the hospital. We handed her over to our Lord personally. I did not know of our Quaker connection until a research project into a grave marker in the name of Nathaniel Cox crossed path with Cornell. In case you should wonder where the Cornell's are now--we are in Indiana. We have been here since my GR. Grandfather x 5 came here with a herd of horses which all died the first year. When we first got here we lost many of our children--many dying before five years of age. We have faced the toughest of circumstance, and because of the strength of women like my mother, we made it. Don't get me wrong--the Cornell men are strong, as well. But it should be noted that through marriage we are all related, and from each genetic store we pulled what it took to make it in the wilderness America. It took us all---and we are thousands upon thousands strong now.

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Q: Who are Ezra Cornell's descendants since his death in 1874?
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