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Q: Who are Crystal and Jane from backroom casting What is Crystal other name?
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Is new moon the movie having open casting calls if so is the role of Jane already cast?

The role of Jane is going to Dakota Fanning.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jane Post - 2002?

The cast of Jane Post - 2002 includes: JR Bourne as Handsome Actor Stella Farentino as Ice Actress Fiona Hogan as Paula Courtney Kramer as The Other Actress Veena Sood as Meditation Voice Jane Sowerby as Jane Post Nathalie Therriault as Casting Assistant Natasha Wilson as Natashia

How do you contact casting director Jane ripley?

Jane Ripley can be contacted by phone at +44 (0)20 8340 5123. She can also be reached by email at jane@ or by calling her mobile number at 07973 297676.

What actors and actresses appeared in What the Crystal Told - 1914?

The cast of What the Crystal Told - 1914 includes: Belle Bennett as Jane Murphy aka The Mystic

What movie and television projects has Sarah Jane Honeywell been in?

Sarah Jane Honeywell has: Played Sarah Jane in "Tikkabilla" in 2002. Performed in "Tikkabilla" in 2002. Played Sarah-Jane in "Higgledy House" in 2005. Played Crystal in "The Best Years" in 2010. Played Danan Sidhe Fighter in "Warrioress" in 2011. Played Beth in "The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead" in 2012. Played Carla in "Five Pillars" in 2013. Played Crystal in "The Best Years" in 2013. Played Angelic Girl in "Shadows of a Stranger" in 2014.

What has the author Mary Jane Ward written?

Mary Jane Ward has written: 'The other Caroline'

What actors and actresses appeared in Jane - 1999?

The cast of Jane - 1999 includes: David Ari as Tim Philippe Brenninkmeyer as Maximilian Theo Caldwell as Will Andrew Cope as Waiter Crissy Flanagan as Jane Kerry Killelea as Barbara Robert Krakovski as Casting Director Lilli Lavine as Soap actress Tara Lynn Orr as Halley Gregory Prather as Oz

What resulted from Mr Brocklehurst making an example of Jane before the other student?

Helen burns smiled at Jane

Does Jane love jester?

It is actually the other way around. Jetster has a crush on Jane. If you watched the episode 'Mismatched' you will see Jester's feelings about Jane.

What actors and actresses appeared in Recalled - 2007?

The cast of Recalled - 2007 includes: Nathan Brine as The Postman Emma Bulivant as Clara Hollis Steffan Busuttil as Dan Tara Dixon as Lisa Jane Dowden as Jessie Miller Nina Jamil as Casting Director Katerina Sheffield as Casting Assistant Paul Spruce as The Director

Who is the hidden enemy in the last Saraj Jane Adventures episode?

Mr Smith- the crystal that he worked on came from a race that was buried below the earth- and they wanted to blow it apart to get out

Who is the author of The Other Woman?

Jane Green is the author of the book The Other Woman