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Technically, the answer is both. Scott Jones and Keith Jones are father and son. Scott Jones, the father, took the business over from his father, Evan Jones, who started the company known as Ace Parking today.

Scott Jones has worked in every facet of the San Diego based Ace Parking over his 50-year history. After graduating from Stanford in 1971, he came to work in the company full time and has made a career out of building the company into a coast-to-coast business. He currently holds the positions of Chairman and Owner, and has picked a select group of leaders to help him make Ace Parking even more profitable.

Keith Jones, the son of Scott and the grandson of Evan, is currently the Managing Principal and Partner of Ace Parking. He brings with him his years of knowledge from sitting under his father and grandfather, as well as a degree from New York University, but he is not afraid to work in any position at Ace Parking. He has been the driving force behind technological advancements of Ace Parking to keep it up to date and relevant in the modern era.

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Q: Who Runs Ace parking - Scott or Keith Jones?
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