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Q: Which type of music influenced the New York based band the rascals?
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In what year did The Rascals begin performing?

The Rascals started performing as The Young Rascals in 1965 and continued until 1972 when they took a break for a few years. They have reunited in 2012 and are doing a series of shows in New York area.

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A Zambian artist/rapper based in New York City.

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No. It is an Ithacan myth that has been around a long time.

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Primarily The Beatles. The four individual members also had their own influences - Davy Jones was influenced by his Broadway musical experiences; Peter Tork by folk music and his performances in New York coffehouses; Micky Dolenz was influenced by LA-area rock bands and also The Kingston Trio (his acoustic version of his song "Midnight Train" betrays the Kingston Trio flavor of his performing); Michael Nesmith was influenced by country and western music.

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York Early Music Festival was created in 1977.

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University of York Music Press was created in 1995.

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