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Q: Which type of anchors are used for concerte pavement?
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How much concerte was used in the foundation of a Wendy''s?

how much concerteis used inbuilding a wendy's

What is concrete pavement?

Concrete pavement is a type of pavement made from a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates such as sand and gravel. It is used in roads, sidewalks, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces due to its durability, strength, and long lifespan. Concrete pavement provides a smooth and stable surface for vehicles and pedestrians.

What is pavement quality concrete used in cocrete roads?

it is durable and hard thats why concrete pavement is used

What is the main type of anchors used in the large ships?

Baldt Stockless Anchor, Danforth, Northill, Eells,Bruce, Mooring, Mushroom & Grapnel.

Is pavement a common noun or a proper noun?

(pavement) is a common noun i used to be a teacher it is a common noun....

What part of speech is the word pavement?

The word 'pavement' is a noun, a word for the hard, smooth surface used for walking or driving motor vehicles; a word for the material used to form that surface; a word for a sidewalk; a word for a thing.

Once farmland is made into pavement can it be used as farmland again?

no it can not be made into farmland unlessyou rip up the pavement and fertilize the ground.OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

What kind of material is used for auto track pavement?

The materials used in auto track pavement include cement and asphalt. Tarmac is sometimes used as well or stones to place on top of the surface and give a nice finish.

What do you call the dark tarlike material used to pave streets?


What does the word uneven describe?

The word uneven could describe mood, pavement, skills, temperatures, or anything that is supposed to be even.Here is a sentence in which the word uneven is used to describe the word pavement: The workers worked all week to smooth the uneven pavement.

Is concrete pavement can be used in highways?

Yes, Portland cement concrete pavement is often more economical in the long term than is asphalt concrete pavement. The asphalt concrete can be quite a bit faster to lay down and open to traffic, though.

Plastic tubes used for fixing screws in walls?

They are called plastic wall anchors.