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From The X Factor has/had 22 spin offs 1.) The X Factor: Battle of the Stars 2.) The X Factor Australia 3.) The X Factor Belgium 4.) The X Factor Bulgaria 5.) The X Factor Denmark 6.) The X Factor Finland 7.) The X Factor France 8.) The X Factor Germany 9.) The X Factor Greece 10.) The X Factor Hungary 11.) The X Factor Iceland 12.) The X Factor Italy 13.) The X Factor Morocco, on 2M TV 14.) The X Factor Netherlands 15.) The X Factor Norway 16.) The X Factor Poland, Season 1 upcoming in 2010 17.) The X Factor Russia 18.) The X Factor Spain 19.) The X Factor U.S., Season 1 upcoming in 2011 20.) El Factor X, The Latin American version 21.) The X Factor Kazakhstan, The Kazakh version 22.) The X Factor, XSeer Al Najah, (The X Factor, The Essence of Success), the Pan-Arabian version

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Q: Which television show has had the most spin-offs?
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